Why You Should Travel the Great Ocean Road


why travel the great ocean road?

This past May I went on a weekend trip to Melbourne, Victoria to travel the Great Ocean Road. Of course I checked out the fabulous city of Melbourne on Friday and Sunday but the main purpose of my weekend getaway was to visit the Great Ocean Road. The Great Ocean Road is a historic landmark and can be explored a multitude of ways. Whether it’s a day tour, 3 day overnight stay or a week long vacation, visiting the Great Ocean Road is a must! I took a day trip from Melbourne to do the Great Ocean Road in REVERSE. Below are 8 reasons why visiting the Great Ocean Road should be one of the top things on your Bucket List.

  1. The Great Ocean Road is a historic road. It is 151 miles long and was built by soldiers who had returned home from the war between 1919 and 1932. The road is dedicated to all the soldiers killed during World War I; this makes it the world’s largest war memorial.

  2. You get to see the incredible Twelve Apostles which are a famous limestone stack formations.

  3. Other beautiful landmarks you won’t want to miss include Loch And Gorge, Gibson Steps, Island Archway, The Razorback at Port Campbell, Mait’s Rest Rainforest Walk and more!

  4. You can TRY Vegemite ice-cream at Dooley’s Ice Cream and then order a much better flavor. Dooley’s Ice Cream was voted the best ice cream in all of Australia.

  5. You will get to visit the beach town of Apollo Bay.

  6. The Great Otway National Park is stunning and if you’re lucky you can spot a Koala in the wild and maybe even a kangaroo too!

  7. You won’t want to miss the Grotto right outside Port Campbell.

  8. Right near the end of the Great Ocean Road is a quiet beach called Childers Cove.

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Happy Road Tripping!

Kylee Smith